What is it?

​I could sit around and drown myself in tears coz you’ll go away

Or I could style up to spending every bit of the time you have left with you

Either way it’s a choice still making

Defining memories 

Oh but everytime I have to think about it I tear up

How am I supposed to just assume it’ll be ok

Yet an ok without you I don’t want 

I just want you here. To stay. 

Closer though far but it’s better to know you’re here

What is it gonna be.me.this place.everything -without you?

“It was before I know” someone would say

And that’s true “I was before you walked in and am still gonna be when you have to be gone” but different -alone-broken 

I didn’t wanna believe I’m attached to you- at least the much I now know 

But today when tears came rolling down these cheeks

twas more that left so little to be denied

I got a thing for you

I care so much about you 

I want you here 

If I knew what love is

I’d say I love you

Well I can’t put a finger on it

Just know tonight n the days to come

Pain fills my heart

A loneliness and helplessness that hurt

Cold covers me

Wish I had better words.

Please stay, it’s all I ask.


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