Her smile 2

​I wonder why  when I think about it all

I smile while I should be crying

Crying myself to sleep 

And hope when dawn breaks 

I’ll be over you 

But then I smile

I smile because I can’t let go

I smile because I can’t release you 

I smile because deep within I know I’m a fool

I smile because I shouldn’t have loved you 

I smile because even knowing so I fell so hard 

I smile because no matter what u do, I love u still

I smile because I know you ain’t loving me back 

I smile because weeping breaks me further 

I smile because I must show myself that I’m stronger 

I smile so blood won’t fill my eyes when tears run out

I smile because I hurt so bad 

And only I know that 

But even then

I still wonder why I smile. 



He sings  “You look so much better when you smile” so I smile😊 through the heartbreak.


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