She wanted a home with you

Laid out the path

Hoping you’d get lost in it

And find your way to her

All along she walked by

Heart full of emotions she wanted to give

To pour out and tell you

How much she loved you

She’s give everything for you

All of herself

But she couldn’t 

She couldn’t break her sister Karen that way

To tell her She was in love with her man

That every night she stayed awake sleepless in thought of him as he may besides her

How could she tell Karen that the man who she kept pushing her to tell hit she felt was actually her husband

So everytime she faked a smile

To push back her tears

For loving a forbidden man

She didn’t know 

(She had loved him only to be hit by truth he was married and the worst to her sister)

Feelings she bore. To be at heart forever.

Unspoken emotions😢


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