Help me to stop…

It was just supposed to be a fling

Some fun but no emotions

But I tripped 

Fell face forward for you

And somehow I thought I could handle it

Playing this fling, flirting game and keep it as that-a game

But I fail miserably at it 

When I think about you 

When I miss you

When I see and get close to you

I realize it’s complicated 

Yes for me,maybe not for you.

But I need you to stop

I don’t wanna wait to break

Don’t wanna wait for the day the tinniest bit of smilei have is gone because the hurtis too much 

Don’t want to wait till seeing your face will draw tears instead of a smile

Please help me because I can’t walk away 

I lack courage to let go

You’re always and will keep in my mind and heart

And it’s clear you don’t want me 

Not like I want you to

So i beg of you please stop. 


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