The other’s chronicles. ..

Watched her drive her husband every morning to work

What a sacrifice to be waking up so early for a housewife 

But she did. He was always on time.

Then watch him late in the night drive himself

Leaving his wife at home

To pick his galfriend for whatever😕

And I judged her

Called her names-a home breaker, all those we call the other woman

I didn’t know. Oh how I should have known 

This heart is crazy.

Misleading even the brilliant of all men 

Trapping even the hardest of hearts

I didn’t know. 

Coz it’s my turn

And now all i breath, eat and think is Liam 

Same boat different characters

And I can’t find a way to throw myself out

I try but fall back into his irresistible open arms

How ì pray everyday that Liam, oh your wife forgives me

For loving you too.

Now when I saw her drive this morning 

All I could whisper was “I’m sorry” 

And hope it covers some hole.

I know it doesn’t.

The rain got to me, my house’s all wet and I don’t know if I want to dry it😢😢😢


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