One last try

​ It’s not working is it?

I thought it would 

A girl’s gotta try

Thought if I kept off

You’d need me so helplessly and come around 

You’d miss me damn bad and seek for me

You’d hunger in love with me

But today I see

I made things easier for you

In my absence you’ve found quiet

You are calm

Like you never were needing or loving me

And it hurts even more

That my ‘way’ 

Could be the reason I’ve lost a love like yours 

Not because you love me

But because I love you so much it’s heartbreaking 

To be in the in_between 

Are we gonna end this way?😢
One last try

I tell myself

I’ll follow you 

Chase you to your door step if I must 

I will do whatever you want me to

Be whom you want me to Be

Say you’ll have me back 

For all ‘us’ was worth

Say you’ll take me in.


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