Crippled by her eerie love

Uneasiness fills her as he walks by

She smiles and secretly hopes he won’t stop 

That he’d assume not having seen her and walk right past. 

The creepiest chills run down her spine 

She wanted him

To take her hand

Slip her beneath his arms 

And drive away her tears.

But when he stopped

An eerie of silence clouds her 

Her rehearsed words all fade away

Lost of words she smacks her lips

Fighting the urge to kiss him.

Lost, pale and crippled she stands

Speechless and motionless 

“He’ll be done and be gone” she tells herself.

Oh that love would let her speak

Just a word of all she had held inside so long.

Liam was that fool who either didn’t see it in her actions

Or the guy who enjoyed torturing her with the emotions..

Like a plague, love crippled her.


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