Her Mexican beautiful made dress and the heels she wore

Towering over everyone on the dance floor

You’d be a fool to miss her beauty and elegance 

A graceful princess.

Step by step to the rhythm 

Led by her brother as the practice for the ball.

Her life has always been flowery 

Everything so perfect and in place 

Nothing not even an emotion she let fell out

Always knowing when and where to wear what

Like a puppet sometimes I told her

And she danced.

Behind the curtains 

When the show was done

In her princess decored room she locked herself

It’s be a lie, a great lie

To say her light shone enough 

There are days all she needed

Just for a moment was Liam.

A little ray to shine in her darkness

But he left. Walked away like she never mattered

She’d never told him

But when I watched her cry that night 

I knew.

Her love was sincere

She had always loved him

If only her heart could speak

She needed him

She’d never had need for a man like she did

Let alone him who rejected her

But she couldn’t speak

No! To ruin her perfectionist image?  No.

The sun will rise

She’ll get up and live.

But I knew…

Though she dances she hurts.


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