One last time.

One more stroll

One more step

To get back my heart

From whence I last left it

It’s falling to hard

And I got no broom to sweep off the pieces

My tailor went away

Ain’t anyone else who’ll mend it

So if this stride delays

I’m gonna run

That I may get to it 

Before its too late.

along the way she crawls

Undecided if it’s really her heart She wants back 

Or for his heart to be hers too

Just one more time she pleads

                                     Like a fire burn
                              Like the rain fall
                          Like the sun shine
                      Like the river flow
                                                Like the wind blow
                                                   Like the birds fly
                                                      Like the fish swim
                        Whichever way you choose
                          Please come to me,
                             Let me feel you.


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