‘Heartless bride’

They said to her somewhere along life
You will find the one you truly love
Sadly they won’t be the one you spent your life with
And this far I’ve seen it true
Kind of thought that’d never be my story
Then you happened 
And from the start I knew
You’d be my forever from a distance 
Hurts as hell 
But got no choice
My love’s  taken….
Funny I made it to someone’s love list 
That’s why I’m here
To walk down this aisle
And commit to a different forever.
When tears roll down today
Don’t mistake them for anything 
Pity me a little 
And grant me your strength to stand
Though you took my heart
Thanks for leaving a brain
So I know 
If I must be…. then to the end I’ll have to walk
You are and will always be my endless love
To love You forever I’ll do
World’s apart even so
Be well S always
And never forget… I got you.
In my insane/crazy world of my own.


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