A step back.

From a distance i sat and watched you

You were happy without me

Maybe twas the best thing

my want- Was it so selfish?

To be here for you

It’s all i wanted to do

To listen when you needed someone to 

To sit out under the warm stary night in quietness 

To support you through whatever

To be for you

It’s all i needed. 

Looking back

It’s still all i want

But I’ll step back

And let her be there for you

She makes you smile

Seen her fight for you

I’m jealous sometime 

But I know you are in safe hands

Not mine

But you’ll be ok

And that’s all that matters.

Can’t believe it’s the life I’ll have to live

Watching you be loved

I smile in pain 

Wondering why you didn’t pick my love.

It hurts when it’s all you put your heart to

But I’ll be alright I tell myself 

Someday I’ll belong

In his arms again 

If the one who’ll love my love and me. 


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