Love their way

​She avoided his eyes because deep down she knew she was gonna leave him. She loved him so much But her sister too much to watch her suffer and pain because of a broken heart, her cancer was deadly enough. She wasn’t gonna watch her die early. So she gave up the man She loved that her sister may know love, even if for a little while she was gonna live- doctor’s had said less than 6 months. She stood outside her door listening to her cry from the pain her body already heard. Sometimes when she held her fragile sister tears dropped down her cheeks. She wanted to give her everything if upto life. So if the love of Liam she gave him up. 

Unwise- maybe but someday a year later Liam and Lizle looked back after Kate’s passing and regret is one thing they didn’t hold. A different strange love but they loved her their way.

Liam and Lizle will always be lovers and great friends who knew sacrifice didn’t know commonsense or ‘commonness’ where the heart led together they’d walk forever.

In love with the same man😑


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