My new year..

Ten      Nine               Eight  ... We counted on And all that ran through my mind Was hope Remembering the flower Set by the window to live Tap light and grow My hope grew too                  Two          ... Continue Reading →


31.12.2016_Happy New Year

We made it Through every highs and lows One sunset After a rise It was Yes And on this sunset Something still remains  I have loved you 2016 I will love you through 2017 Forever I said Starting tonight.


traveled across the whole world to meet a man but you were always here right besides me. traveled miles and miles to find love but twas always here in your eyes.  traveled to model make an art of love but twas here in your arms. traveled to escape loneliness get out of my mind but... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge: Resilient

though the weight of the world be so heavy with you I'll always stand winning in your eyes your tiny yet big hearts my heroes 2016 and always. via Photo Challenge: Resilient

Our candle

                  ​The candle It bore witness To the love I profess The heat generated passion so intense Savour warmth Watched me get lost in you                           The candle. Photo credit Beyond  the sun Far beyond... Continue Reading →


Let me Move the mountains for you Sweep away your troubles Cause flowers to fill you The rainbow pull down for you A little life and color Add beauty to that you already are. By the river bank Let me sit beside you Feel the flow beneath your feet Draw peace in its calmness The... Continue Reading →

Don’t mistake me

​Don't mistake my silence When it's called for I'll rise and roar To defend the one i love Don't mistake my dullness For lack of color When it's called for I'll paint all over you Your favorite color of love Don't mistake my words I mean exactly it When I say I love you If... Continue Reading →

Hold tight

I'm still here No I won't give up Please don't let go The strands are breaking Hold on tight Fight. Stay on it If to fall Let's fall together But don't let go I won't.                              I need you to stay on... Continue Reading →


You take a piece of my heart with you each time all the times it hurts because I know you won't return it and you wont treasure it either Thinking of you was all I dreamed of To see you and hear you call was all I waited for To care and mind you was... Continue Reading →

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