Harsh reality, on a road unknown alone.

​”I’m gonna be fine without you right?” She asked him tears rolling down her eyes. 

She needed something to hear

Though she knew nothing was gonna ever make it okay

That Liam, waking up one morning decided it was over.

Said he deserved better and so had to leave

What did she deserve? 

She had always believed Liam was her best 

and last choice of man she had made in a long while

That morning she realized

She wasn’t Liam’s

How had she overlooked that in all the 8 years they had been together.

She wished for a word

Maybe something he’d say would make it alright

But he didn’t speak

Packed up his stuff and left

Who was ever gonna hold her breaking heart? 

She realised besides Liam she hadn’t had any friends, real friends or confidants

She was all alone.


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