Beautiful aunt B.

Been looking for a mirror in this house for the last one hour

You’d think for a beautiful lady like her she’d have mirrors at every corner 

There wasn’t any. How does she do it? I wondered 

For a look like the one she adorns I’d be hours infront of that mirror, revisiting each chance i got. 

No one matches her beauty. Because it’s not only physical, a clean and loving heart she has. Covers all shades we didn’t like.

So after a struggle convincing myself that I can 

I get hold of my bag and walk out to meet her.

‘Hello madam’ they tell me. A wave here another there then I realize it’s decency,confidence and a smile and a little kindness- a start to beauty. 

Maybe twas today’s magic, I’ll work again tomorrow. Keeping away from mirrors. Except for the one that naturally comes with my phone. A girl’s gotta have back-up😊. 

To all beautiful aunties, mum’s,  sisters, grandma’s, and beautifully souled men…



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