Another over thought

​Over thinking always landed her in trouble

With a broken heart when twas all over

But she never learnt.

Twas just an invite

Not because she was special

Because she was available

He couldn’t get to his best

So he made with nearer

A few lines she’d treasured

But never heard before

A touch here and another there

Just the right spots

Right emotions

A little patience

She gave in.

Over thinking costed her

Twas just a word

No meaning behind it

No emotion no attachment

But desiring so much to be desired

She fell to her own mind games


Another night with broken heart and expectations

She sits on her floor and cries.

When was she gonna learn?

Beating herself up

Oh he’d been good

She’d thought he was ‘the one’

But he left too

They always did

She wondered why


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