Twas all i needed to stay   For a while twas heaven          Every other reason to leave didn't matter but you loved her         How we made it this far I don't know     But I'll stay if you ask me to.            ... Continue Reading →


Who’s to blame?

She wasn't wrong to love him. Maybe another time he'd be loving me she consoled her breaking heart...

Day dreams

Has she told you       What it's like             When you kiss her                   Hold tight her hands under the stary skies                           Slowly run your hands in her... Continue Reading →

Love me

I heard you And I don't doubt you love her so Love me from a far Love me close Whatever you choose Save my heart from breaking Save my soul from loneliness Love me too photo credits

Heart’s secrets

Been in love a few times Broken hearted so many too Each time wrote to let go It's been years  And I can't find a word to pen down Every word Just seemed so wrong Failing to bring out the emotions  Maybe twas my heart Keeping you secret as it always did Still holding to you... Continue Reading →

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