Not meant to forget…

Twas the shortest love story I’ve known

taught me to love hard

to give it all

everyday wanting more

in a twinkle of an eye

without warning you left.

it hurt

real bad everyday I gave up

to give in the next day

to emotions of missing you

wanting you so

and still loving you.

loving me is hard

it hurt when I had to see you go

didn’t think I’d make it

a day let alone months without you

but I did

yes I made it.

when I saw you

in the arms of another

smiling,giggling and laughing

it didn’t hurt

when I heard someone own your name

it didn’t hurt

when she shouted her love for you in my presence

it didn’t hurt

she tells me you gonna get married soon

it didn’t hurt too

so many things didn’t hurt

but when i speak of you

that hurt, it still does.

guess I’m still holding on to pieces of you.


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