Plain girl

She was a plain girl

Naive and innocent from the country side

Never had her ears heard

A man say “I love you” meant for her.

He has watched her

Go about her business

Not intrigued by his charm

Not a sign of lust for him

He was used to girls running after him

Her innocence pumped every gleam of desire in him

He has to find a way.
A hallo amidst smiles in her presence

A brush of hands on her body

A rub between her

She she wanted to say no

Isn’t sure if she said it loud enough

Then Liam said the words 

Said he loved her

She believed him

Fell right into traps she didn’t know

Love in the movies and soap operas fooled her

Hopeless romantic she’d grown out to be

She didn’t know better

Then began her troubles 

Her lessons, her compulsory growth.

Today she runs broken

Crazy,shattered and alone 

Cold with no warmth ever enough

A single mum after Liam left

Never looked back.

She realizes that wasn’t even his real name

Nothing about him was ever real

Hurt but must survive

Someone else depends on her now.

        photo credits


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