Daily Prompts: Crossing

Living in the same neighborhood and town

They were bound to run into each other often

Sometimes they mastered the tricks of evading each other

Sometimes they intentionally planned to ‘bump’ into each other 

But when twas like today

Eyes crossing

As they walk across the hallway from and into the cinema

They wanted to run

To each other’s arms

But they couldn’t

So fresh was the vow each took

And the promise they’d made to each other

To try and be happy

With the ones they’d married

There’s was a love story that couldn’t be

Love wasn’t enough to keep them together

So they parted

And loved no one else ever since

Not even their spouses as much

They didn’t know what to do

She kept walking

Eyes locked into his.

Everytime felt like the first time

To touch him, smile and kiss him

Tell him how much she still loved him

Or for them to just collide and let life happen

Was what kept ringing in her mind

But they couldn’t



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