I need you

Don't turn your face from me Don't turn your back to me Look at me See This soul falling apart The brokenness we are causing Won't you feel my pain Can't  we make up Stay with me Help me hold together Don't let me burn LOVE ME.


Daily Prompts:  YARN

My world changed with you So many corners and bends we made Broke rules to make us work Crossed oceans and deserts To get to where you were Now that I'm here And you go again Now I can't seem To live on Go on without you again Which way How Tell me I beg... Continue Reading →


Unconditionally  Every word She meant to Tell how much she'll be  Loving you  And that was never going to change. And it'll always be  Her song...


Looked into his eyes Waiting for him To call my name Further back he stepped Created a distance between us Till I couldn't hear him anymore Should have followed into the pits Should have chased after him Now apart we lie And I wonder every night in silence Did he call my name Is he... Continue Reading →

Two of us

Skinny bird Must have flown afar Too weak to fly further Perches on her naked shoulder Too tired to cover up She's cried so much Stretched herself out Trying to reach for you You. Her one She just needed you No one to dry her tears Hear her cry Feel her pain So they lay... Continue Reading →

the road

through the journey on that long train out in the dark nights the moon seemingly too proud to shine the stars too shy to outdo her brightness she thought what if? you were beside her would it be any different? what if she told you her thoughts poured out her emotions to you let you... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompts: Beneath the BLANKET  

Teardrop still fall At the thought of you  Shiver creeps underneath my skin The pain of losing you Desperation of wanting you back  In my dreams I meet you Lying  here Under this blanket Covering up my pain I wait Going through this alone Reaching out for you hurts Even today much more than yesterday ... Continue Reading →


Told herself not to wait  To stop expecting But everytime the stars lit up the skies A tiny part of her Couldn't help but hope Helplessly watching as they faded Perhaps tomorrow  "He's just late tonight" she tells herself  Console for another lonely night. hang in there.

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