daily prompt: Denial

the way he looked at me

withdrawn, felt it when we kissed

my body to touch seemed to burn him

couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong

or maybe I did but in denial

primitive ignorance.

Right when twas off

said he had to leave for work

we use to talk for hours

he doesn’t call anymore

we don’t laugh like we used to

he stopped looking for me

lots changed

but in denial I tell me

‘he’s just busy, he’ll come around’

it’s been six months

Liam hasn’t shown up

 feel the winds blowing hard

our candle’s going off

the sun doesn’t shine bright anymore

the moon dims off the sky above me

“he’s coming back home”

in denial, lonely in the midnight hours

everyday I say and wait

he’s coming home.

via Daily Prompt: Denial


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