Illicit love 

I remember the smile on her face

The glow as she walked by

Chills fill my body

Seem to be suffocating, the air suddenly grew thin

“Hello” she said

A hard pill of guilt to swallow 

“Hello” I replied

Giving zero chance to eye contact

 replaying in my mind was the question 

“Did she know?” 

I had had more than a ‘thing’ with her man.

Flashbacks seemed to have poorest of timing

His hands undressing me

Caressing my curvy body 

Intertwined in that bed

Saying sweet nothings 

Every word I needed to hear

Realised way too deep he was taken

My heart already given to him

Why he always spoke less

Committed less

He knew he’d leave 

For his beautiful wife.

When she smiled at me 

Felt a tear drop inside of me

Walking gracefully through the crowd

To the arms of the one who loved her

The look in his eyes did and my heart knew

I felt sick to my stomach. Wanted to throw up

Evidently twas a one way affair 

He’d always walk out unattached 

And  I left behind carrying the secret alone

Yet I still loved him


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