Losing cycles

Illusions of love

There she was again

Standing in front of the mirror 

Trying so hard

To get her ‘beautiful’ enough

Making everything count

Like the girls in the magazine

Perfect 100% makeup

Doing her hair right

Her lips on point

Even got her eyebrows done

Lying to herself

‘Because I need it’ she spoke to herself

All the while twas a repeat match

Zero probability of winning

All odds were against her

Had been the last couple of times she tried

Nothing she’d do would ever impress him

Liam had a choice 

And she wasn’t his

Within her heart she knew she had to keep trying 

Caused  her brain to play games each time

‘It’s all for me’ she says

Zipping up her perfectly tailored dress.

He still did make her cry

He didn’t care anyway 


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