Caught between

​All she wanted

A guy worth crying over

Because maybe some part of him would miss her like she did

Thought about her too even if for a split second and smiled


But he wasn’t that guy

Though he made her cry

She cries for being a fool

For loving him who would never think of her

Cause while they were apart

Someone else filled her place even better

His wife and kids

She wanted to stop mopping each time at the thought of him

Or be helpless in his presence 

She wanted her heart to get over it

But she couldn’t 

As he walked by her so casually 

Sometimes like strangers

Her heart tore apart a new

To stop it she didn’t know how

And the kind of men she wanted

Never came her way too

Maybe she was too blind to see

They say love is blind


I’ll add stupid too sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Caught between

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  1. No girl should cry for any boy who do not respect girl & her feelings. Instead for searching love outside, she should start love herself first & find love within herself bcoz she is precious .


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