Her one love.

 Wandering alone under the stary skies

Tears rolling down her cheeks unaware

And all she can do is wonder

Does he miss me like I do?

Is everything meaningless without me like it is to me?

Should I keep holding on or let go?

She lays down on the sand

And hope the waves come sweep her off the shore

Maybe her next destination

She’ll find a love 

That’ll hurt less

If this one- this one won’t treat her right

But she didn’t wanna leave

No. She wanted to love only him.

 She wanted to call

To hear his voice 

And the laughter 

If only she’d  see him smile 

To hear you say a word

Just one word to her

And to wish good night to the one she loved

And to hear him say him love her too

Then she realised

He was her love

And she wasn’t his 

So she laid under the warm sand

And hoped somehow

Her warmth would reach him

Let him know she loved him

         Photo courtesy: 123rf


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