Maybe I could love you better.


He left.

This time for good it seems yet I search...


She needed him to want her To love her so desperately  But she wasn't gonna force him Plead for his attention For him to desire her So she sat in wait  And he never came True to her thoughts And her heart breaks Nothing ever warns a heart Not even open realities She wasn't his... Continue Reading →

Every part of it 

​I remember All the words In the hundreds of letters I wrote you I remember Every feelings when my heart broke I remember Every teardrop stain washed off my pillow I remember  The pain watching you get by like i was invisible  I remember  You smiling whenst pain unbearable my heart bore

Broken giants 

The rains fall heavily Wake me up from my dream Awaken giants of pain asleep in me Looking out into the dark  My mind wanders into the streets And I can t help but question  Was it random or planned? Toying with my heart and breaking it 'Please come home' I whisper as my eyes... Continue Reading →


"Love doesn't ask why" she replays the song Deep in her heart As the pain sinks in She wonders why Why couldn't you love her?

tell me so…

Promise me that someday it will all work out when the song ends and I won't have to break anymore photo:dancing it away


everything that mattered seemed to begin and end in his eyes but he didn't care. No! he still got up and walked away from her she struggles to breath find another reason to live to forget but every splitting breath reminds her of him holds captive her heart couldn't he see his worth in her... Continue Reading →

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