​Insanity is taking me over

And it’s all because of you 

I never knew I could feel this much 

Till you stirred up this heart 

Above the skies lifted me up

Loving you felt like the moon and stars 

Only existed for me

Our home

But you left me up there 

To find my own way down 

On  a road I’d never been on

And it’s crazier coming down

Than it was going up when you carried me

The ditches so deep

Peaks so sharp and painfully pressing 

And my bones so dry are breaking

All of life you took with you 
To think that you brought me here on purpose 

To sit back and watch me fall

Didn’t you  know what to do with me

Tell me you didn’t 

I am crazily insane

For you

I still want you 

And to believe you didn’t let go

You fell.


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