Love mama

​I look at you as you hold on so tight 
As you smile at me like I’m your whole world 
And laugh at the faces I make
Almost everything I do 
You love it all cause innocent you know nothing else 
But as I look at you 
I grow scared 
Each time my eyes become all watery
Mixed emotions fill me up
I’m glad and thankful God watches over you 
You are blessed n growing up in great health and stature
But I’m rolled over to the other side
My baby is growing up too fast
Someday soon she will be a young lady and woman
And she won’t let me kiss her all over her face
She won’t let me hug her this tight longer enough 
She won’t let me hold her hand across the streets
She will have  other(s) to trust 
I will have to share her love with others
She won’t wanna lie on this chest n sleep
She won’t let me cuddle her
Someday soon she’ll be like
“Mama I have outgrown that – I’m a big girl now, I can take care of myself “
And she’ll be right 
Because I’m gonna teach her
To be a woman who will know herself
And be herself 
And still know that mama’s got her back any day anytime 
I’m gonna love her more and more
That each time she’s away
My love will still cover her in overflow 
Every time I get
I’m gonna hold her,hug her and let her know 
Mama’s arms will forever be open to embrace her
Still I’m gonna thank God 
My princess is His own 
And He loves us.
         For my princess.. J


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