The visit

Me: my heart’s misplaced. I’m lost. Nothing makes sense at all.

Therapist: how can I help?

Me: listen. Just listen. It’s all I need

Therapist: Anything making your life unbearable?

Me: (mind rushes to you. Then I remember how it feels like between us when you are bearable) No! I shake my head to affirm my answer

I fight tears,force them to stay in

How can I tell him the one who brought me here

Is the same one I can’t let go

Therapist: if there were would you change?

Me: (how can I change my soul? It’s mine) so again in denial I answer “I don’t think there’s any”

When it came to Liam, every word seemed to only for my heart and couldn’t flow out.

He was mine, and I needed him to stay mine not shared


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