I love you 

Thoughts Of you

Flattered my heart

A beat after another to skip

Everytime I set my eyes on you

Like the whirlwind

You spinned my heart around 

And when you kissed my lips

I couldn’t help it 

Now I’m in love with you

You say you have to be gone

Honey won’t you stay

Choose me

Love us more. Don’t leave

Not when I’m loving you this much

Who am I to be without your love

What am I to do with all this love

I love you 

And I meant it

If I say it again 

Over and over 

Will you stay? Please…


One thought on “I love you 

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  1. Would you continue thirsting a soul that has found a spring in town of another soul? When you find your masterpiece what else would you be searching for?


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