So tired of losing

I remember


Your every word

“I’ll never break your heart. Have a little faith in me” you said

Singing to the sweet word songs you knew I loved

Laughing at my shyness

played my emotions perfectly 

Oh and I gave in

For the first time in my life

‘Someone cared and needed me’

Or so I thought.

Taught my heart to dream

Built-in room for two

Tear drops as memories replay

On that cold lonely night

When I needed you

And got angry when you didn’t need me

When your madness and silence

Like a knife through my heart pricked painfully

Day and night all I thought was you

And I needed you it hurt

Threw myself at you

Time and again 

Every way I knew how to

Tried to win just your liking if not love

But you couldn’t 


I remember 

Cause sometimes it takes my breath away

Just hurting…


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