You always do…

Right when I’m trying not to get you on my mind, you find  a way to sneak in and now I miss you even more…

When I’m dying to unlove you get on with my life, one look at you sweeps me back, all reasons I loved fall back into my heart and I love you more…

When it feels like everything is a mess, one kiss after another and all the right words you say, I end up the one who begs, take me please. Take me back again, I need you even more…

And I dream, and I want only you here. With me now and forever to where you take me, one step at a time even more I’ll follow….


4 thoughts on “You always do…

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  1. I love this because it’s so honest. We wait for that reaction that only exists in our dreams. We know they are gone for a reason yet and still we are waiting. Even if we aren’t waiting out loud.

    PERFECTLY written

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