I watched her tear herself apart as if he hadn’t tore her already. In her moment of weakness he found a way. Convinced her with what she desperately sought. Every word like she needed for her heart to beat again. Liam leaving broke her heart. She didn’t know she could make it alive, love again. Then K came along swept her off the floor set her on her feet again. Oh this time she knew luck had smiled on her. But he, was another just smarter. Now she beats herself with every breath, every thought of him and to set eyes on him She turns blue cause it kills her. Like trash She she now appears before him. She just wanted someone to love and to love her, she gave herself to him. The filth she tries to wash off but it won’t go away. How can it when around your heart he’s tied. She wants to pull out her heart if only she’d find another to live by. Lost she is lost in a world of emotions draining her. She should let go but how? It’s her body, her heart, her mind and he messed her all up so how ? 


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