Happy birthday 007

a year ago on this day I sat and wept

I didn’t understand how you couldn’t want me

you’d told me once and I foolishly believed you needed me

how then or when and why didn’t you tell me

when you stopped needing me

it didn’t make sense to me

but today I sit and smile

thankful for the foolishness you unveiled in me I didn’t know I had

for the broken heart I never knew existed

ripped it all apart mercilessly

for every emotions you stirred within me

the other side of “kindness & love” you showed

and for every best thing that came when you messed me up

I’m not stronger

weaker I guess I get by the day

smile when everyone’s around

and break down in the dark cause it’s unbearable- this rejection

but I know who I am now

and it’s all thanks to you

today courageously I say

happy birthday to my pain

like everything else that has life

death will come to it too

someday my feelings for you will die too

someday your everyday rejection won’t hurt

someday I’ll not dream of you and wish you’d want me

someday I’ll smile again for real

someday the emptiness will fade away

I will survive you, be over you

an overcomer and a story of 1000 and over words

cause I loved…

photo credits: elephantjournal


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