What goes around…

Perhaps it's not I But someday too You will burn And your heart broken As I dry my last tear I know it all comes around



Days go by...


There were days when thoughts of you And to see your face didn't mean a thing Your rejection and ignorance was the best you could do for me Then there were those when all I could do Is give in to my crumbling heart And let it tear at its own weight I brokenness And... Continue Reading →

One more day

I can hold it another day My loneliness like the fallen leaf Smile and laugh out Waiting for the winds To blow my pain away someday. It's gonna be ok This sadness shall pass The pain overwhelming my little heart I don't have to cry Tell you how much it hurts I don't have to... Continue Reading →


Everything has a start But I get lost trying to find When I started loving you And where to start letting go of this love that hurting.

The sun will…

Let's stand here Hold my hand Watch the sunset together Know when it's all dark We'll be together To watch the sunrise again To a better day.

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