Sad again

No! It wasn’t sudden

She’d felt it coming

They’d given up on her

Nothing about him

Ever showed her he was different

Her heart desperately

Needed someone to love

For a moment call her own

And he came along

Found a love he didn’t have to earn

But he so poorly did everything not to keep

Last night he walked away

She writes again

Too tired to cry anymore

“He’s gone, and I’m left here

Sad again” she drops ink

Her next hit song

And they’d never know…


4 thoughts on “Sad again

Add yours

  1. Who dares to hurt such a sweetie?
    Who looks so beautiful?
    She ought to have the best love;
    To be so deeply loved and cherished;
    Never mind my beauty;
    They aren’t good enough for you;
    The best is reserved for the end.
    He will come;
    And you will understand
    Why it wasn’t working;
    Being preserved for the best.


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