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Daily Prompt: Deplete

I am drained and depleted
         alone and empty yet you’re still here
                my hand you hold like you’ll never let go
                       your eyes tell me you aren’t
                             nothing’s worth it anymore
I’m giving up
         a shell of life it seems I’m living
                  my mind say it’s over I should walk away
                         this stubborn heart, emotionally bound to you
                                 tightly ties me around you who’s slipping away
I know we’ve been over a while now
        but I can’t find it to give you up
              my world is crumbling before mine eyes
                      broken and defenseless I’ve become
                            once I fought to have you
but I’m tired that it wasn’t enough
            I won’t fight me from tearing apart
                    for what’s it without you in it. 

                                             via Daily Prompt: Deplete

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