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You to hold next to me heaven
Walking beside you destination unknown
Stories and teases
When I kiss you it’s everything to me
And even that seems to be an understatement
You are it to me
When you kiss me I hope it’s nothing to you
When we are together
Doing the sweet nothings we do
My hope remains
That they always be nothing to you
When your mind drifts to me
Your heart skips a beat mistakenly
You feel like you miss me
When you try to get it all
And when they ask you who I am
That you may always remember
I am Nobody
Cause I don’t
Don’t ever wanna be she
Who takes your mind oh and your heart
Even for a second
From the one you love.
So you won’t ever have to answer
Who is she and what is she to you
Keep me a NOBODY.

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