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All I could do

when I should have cried
I smile so hard
at how much he loved her over me
he always chose her
all I was, was a convenience
a distraction when she was far
or when they had disagreed and let pride separate them
a diversion of mind from his breaking heart caused by her
when he held me,caressed and kissed me passionately
knew twas to get back at her
he didn’t care
knew how much I loved him
but even besides me
it was always her on his mind

when I should have walked away
and never looked back
moments I broke down at the weight of it all
the reality in desperation denied
all I did was smile
“somehow he loves me too” I said
and kept coming back for him
to the rescue when she hurt him
for somewhat foolish reason of being needed
when he was lonely
he mattered to me
and knew just how to get to me
oh! my emotions failed me
and my heart broke darn hard and fast
I loved him I should never have set eyes on
he loved her right
I knew he did so very much
but what about me?

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