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Yet still all I say is…

Why am I so hung up on you wanting me
Where’s my voice of reason
I seem stupid not living what I know true
What is it?

Why can’t I just believe it
Why can’t my heart take it
And my mind let go
Why I’m I still stuck ok you
When it’s damn clear
Always has been
The greatest of nothings to you I am

Why does it matter to me so much
What I am to you?
Why does it affect me this much
That you won’t like me?
Why can’t I stop
Shut you all out
From my mind and heart
Why am I so screwed up and wrecked when it’s about you?
Why am I so empty and incomplete just because you aren’t by me?
I am strong, I know I am
But how then do you make me so damn weak?

I just want you to want me somehow
Why won’t my brain and mind just agree
To stay and never hurt
Or leave and never hurt
A choice make for me
Maybe that’ll end all this mess I’m swimming in.

It’s frightening, the scare of truth right before my eyes
I should let go, I must
Get over this infatuation
These one sided emotions
Break down the illusions and walls I built
You are never gonna take this road with me
I know better
But it’s scary
What will I have when I let go?

Pic courtesy: I am

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