My soul

My soul
That’s all I wanted you to capture
But you caught everything else
And left me bare to dry out
Run out of the little life I had in me
Running on empty since it hit home
With every teardrop
And the endless heartbreak
The reality displayed naked in your eyes
The way you looked at me
And carelessly over my heart spoke
Knew then it never did
And never would no matter what
Be something you’d take
You had never wanted my soul
All the while you came around
You robbed me
You robbed my smile and laughter
My stupid innocence
You robbed my mind
My heart and my body
Why did you stop
Are you full after fooling me
Or wasn’t my soul not good enough?

Gave you all you wanted
Couldn’t you have just a part
Given me what I needed
A piece of you?
You aren’t mine to cry for
Pity me not when the tears fall
When my heart ache is so deafening
And pain crippling
Tell me this one time
But was it too much to ask
Couldn’t you just an ear given me
Maybe I wouldn’t feel so damn worthless right now
To have given all of me for ……😭

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