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Emotions in circles

We always went round in circles
Never had we been in sync
When I missed you so much
And couldn’t help chasing after you
You didn’t want to be held
I called you never answered
Sent you texts that went unapologetically unreplied
You taught me to live without you
Foolishly I still haven’t learned how.

I need you
I miss you
Thoughts of you flood my soul
But pride won’t let me relent
Somehow my tough head won’t let my heart win
My heart misses you
When you call I wanna pick up and tell you just how much
When you text me sheepishly I smile then it quickly fades away
Cause my head tells me
” It’s not real, it won’t last. He’s upto something to pull me back in”
And I lose you again

This time my fault
I keep breaking down in circles.
Maybe tis karma’s silent whisper
we’re never meant to be together
Except I to have undying feelings for you eternally
Maybe thats who we’ll always be
Just another story that couldn’t have a ‘happy’.

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