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A “type”

Had someone told me I had a “type” I could have sworn they had it in for me in all the wrong ways. But later that evening as I watched you, seated with your friends under that tree on the old rustic table, comfortably enjoying all the weird things that made you stand out to me I knew.

I knew I indeed had a type. You didn’t have to look my way, heck you didn’t have to know who I was or if I existed. I was captivated by you and that wasn’t going to go away, at least not any time soon.

A little spoiled, a little broken yet the worst kind of breaker, a little fragile yet a grip as strong as a spider’s web over a fly. Shyly introverted yet beneath an outburst extrovert in the right company.

So many deceiving things I’ve never known if they were intentional drew me to you, even now I don’t know about this new type. So many illusions, a scream of what I needed but had no courage to go after. Too much of a great thing to be true you’ll always be to me.

You are my type, you’ll always be, all the others are just a replica of you I hang on to cause you’ll never look my way and have me yours.

~ encounters of tk ~

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