Stupid me

Foolishly loves you still


The journey in winter

Wedding bells came ringing

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages, To You my prayer I raise, Empty and helpless I come, Nothing in mine hand to thee, But my pain and brokenness, Distress that overwhelms me, I'm wounded and alone, Your grace I seek. I've wandered far, far beyond borders, Now I come, Oh Rock of Ages, Beyond times and seasons, Take... Continue Reading →


​When the blessing came, She was astonished,  When it delayed, She sulked.  When you ask, Wait for it, Be expectant, He still works. Beyond our thoughts and imaginations the LORD works #mysteriously 

Stay represented

Journeys have never been easier, Even those we say out too just for fun, Make every plan, picture so clearly painted If how everything will turn out.  My friend says "that's a good step, at least you know the way you won't follow". But I'm on a different journey. The walk of salvation, men has... Continue Reading →

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