funny how much a fool you made of me and everytime you come around you still got the power all over again into that messed up shit I fall believing in your words " I love you" I know you don't  you never did but desperation keeps me holding on to the tiniest fragile link ... Continue Reading →



my stained soul

I Wanna Spend This Life With You

Still it remains
All that she wants..

Lovely poem

Frank Solanki

I can live this life alone
I’ll be just fine on my own
But you know what I wanna do
I wanna spend this life with you
Fight you, bite you, hold you tight all night and write about you
Scold you, hold you when it’s cold and grow old with you
Make you fly, never lie or say goodbye or make you cry
Entertain you, make it rain for you, drive you insane and do it all again
Love you like a dove
Make you smile for a while
Be a clown when you’re down
Never let you frown
You know I can live this life alone
It’ll be so dull on my own
So you know what I wanna do
I wanna spend this life with you

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misery loves me

sat down on the brown carpet remember it? sat right in the middle of our living room to cry it seemingly was my favorite breakdown place "catch a grip," I told myself " what have I to gain thinking about you?" "misery and heartbreaks," I answered somehow it felt better, this misery kept me to... Continue Reading →

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