She sits by the fire place each night Sipping coffee from your favorite mug Hoping for the cold to go away Secretly wishing you'd come home But the fire never gets to her cold soul Her heart so broken Fails to keep her warm She watches the flames burn out Like love did and waits... Continue Reading →


Sitting by the bedside She stares at his side Cleaned up and empty Reality sinks in Picture flash before her eyes He was here He is gone This time  she didn't want him back He always left anyway She stopped herself from crying  Again.       Photo courtesy: 


were we supposed to end like this was it how ours should have ended wasn't there a thing, something, anything we could have done different? weren't we to be each others everything? say something desperation is wrecking me apart is this it? puckermob


​No! it don't make it ok But she did it anyway Sold herself to him who had emotions to show Just a little piece of your soul she needed But you too broken Couldn't trust her Now two broken pieces  Falling out of the wagon No one to hold another...

officially broken

I wasn't enough worth thinking of caring for he never was gonna did it have to take a heartbreak to realize that? tried so hard to be someone, everything to you to make us work out should have realized all this while right in front of me everything told me so should have listened I... Continue Reading →

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