Tonight she falls

In the emptiness she shivered endlessly comforting her wounded heart



So many times they told me I didn't have a heart I believed them Thought twas just some bag That got inflated and deflated to keep me alive Then you came along For the first time I felt Guess my "heart" overworked Loved so hard broke it along the way Muscles should have learned to... Continue Reading →


I will go out in pain Smile and laugh out loud "I'm fine" to all your questions answer I will hide me From you and the joy of knowing You break my heart twice Every single time you mock my emotions I will be "ok" Till that day it'll all come real.


Maybe someday When I'm done feeling Listening to my broken heart I will think better And everything else Will make sense Someday.


"I can't do this anymore " She whispers to herself Burying her head in the pillow To silence her cry Screams in her breaking heart Fill the lonely dark night This time she gives in Tired and worn out Fighting to stay strong "I can't do this anymore" mourns Kelly

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