All I wanted

was you


Dearest Lover

I wanna scream tell the world this crazy heart loves you I wanna go crazier dreaming of only you yet be strong to refrain from desperation for you I wanna win marathons tell them I won running from you I wanna dream of my pieces falling to place in your heart to wake up catching... Continue Reading →


Get out of my head Maybe my heart will forget And finally let go Get put of my dreams From my sight when I close my eyes From my ears in your silent whispers in the wind Get out of my heart Maybe then I won't feel this misery without you.

It’s so hard

the song plays on everyone in cheer, the merry so great the end of your stay you'd be gone by dawn can I fall asleep? I don't wanna see see you leaving. I wanted to to be happy for you but how could I how can I be happy of you leaving? we were just... Continue Reading →

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