Daily Prompts: Timely

It is sad how timely this heartbreak came I've been trying to understand how we ended up this road how calm you are acting all like you don't care trying to make it go away but I can't and your timely absence just when I needed you most hurts me still does so via Daily... Continue Reading →

All wrong

we must have got it all wrong somewhere along the way played with each others emotions lied, made a charade what should have been sacred how can it not hurt this much? Twas supposed to be the best thing that could ever be falling in love piecing each other together. yet here we are apart... Continue Reading →


Ours was a love story gone rogue They told me you didn't love me I said they were wrong, just jealous. When you lay in bed beside me The way you kissed You were different  Sat at the table across Telling a story or two A little cold sometimes you appeared frustrated  I realized it... Continue Reading →


Anxiety  Worries Pain cause my eyes all teary Been for the last year If only speak Every letter written  Shredded Every calls  hung up To see your face  All words escaped  in anger.

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