to love someone so desperately cross the oceans to them and still remain invisible and unloved even at sunset... via Photo Challenge: Unusual it wasn't unusual that she had no one to share it all with pictures of my beautiful land and a heart burdened with a love unrequited...


she laid her  heart naked opened herself on the table poured all her emotions he still didn't see the torture that reflected through her eyes no! he didn't hear her scream either she just wanted to be loved.


Everything she wanted to forget Yet the one thing she'll always remember  You And the day you broke her heart Her aching broken heart Pierces through her chest Reminds her Everything you returned for love...

Every part of it 

​I remember All the words In the hundreds of letters I wrote you I remember Every feelings when my heart broke I remember Every teardrop stain washed off my pillow I remember  The pain watching you get by like i was invisible  I remember  You smiling whenst pain unbearable my heart bore

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