All I wanted

was you


Dearest Lover

I wanna scream tell the world this crazy heart loves you I wanna go crazier dreaming of only you yet be strong to refrain from desperation for you I wanna win marathons tell them I won running from you I wanna dream of my pieces falling to place in your heart to wake up catching... Continue Reading →


Get out of my head Maybe my heart will forget And finally let go Get put of my dreams From my sight when I close my eyes From my ears in your silent whispers in the wind Get out of my heart Maybe then I won't feel this misery without you.

It wasn’t

love was supposed to be enough so she set out to find love and yeah she did but she's never been lonelier. her own enemy never finding herself enough when all she really needed was to love herself.

misery loves me

sat down on the brown carpet remember it? sat right in the middle of our living room to cry it seemingly was my favorite breakdown place "catch a grip," I told myself " what have I to gain thinking about you?" "misery and heartbreaks," I answered somehow it felt better, this misery kept me to... Continue Reading →

hopeless #2

yours alone the care that mattered to me but I was her you couldn't stand caring for pic courtesy: loverofsadness

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