I miss my innocence everything about me before you what it used to be like before we happened and drifted so far apart did I even matter you say I complicated issues tell me when was it ever less complicated before me or us? cause I'm lost trying to figure it all out too... sadness... Continue Reading →


where do I go from here? tell me from where you used to want me to love me you said you did I get lost finding my way end up in circles time and again the paths all seem the same cold, dark and lonely my mind knows no other but here where you left... Continue Reading →


I don't know how I feel But it's something  About you more than I wanna take And it gets me edgy And proving me weak I'm not strong enough  For whatever this is Till it goes away if ever Please stop the teases My emotions fragile already  Don't break me. It's a struggle  Keeping this... Continue Reading →

Where To?

​Late in the night my soul awakes Leaves my body between the sheets like twas never a part of it Wandering down the dimly lit streets Kind of lifeless for not even the cold pinches  stars so scattered I find relief Some things out here too aren't so sorted Perfection isn't everything  That I see... Continue Reading →

In memory of my love for you..

                                heartbreak Standing beside the grave She mourns the love  Her heart buried beneath with it Romantic illusion of 'relationship' she thought they had Sad it died out too soon Scared. What was gonna make it ok? Fill the gap loving... Continue Reading →

All wrong

we must have got it all wrong somewhere along the way played with each others emotions lied, made a charade what should have been sacred how can it not hurt this much? Twas supposed to be the best thing that could ever be falling in love piecing each other together. yet here we are apart... Continue Reading →

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